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            1. Function of Connector Automatic Assembly Machine in Production

              Now the connector automatic assembly machine is widely used in industrial production, which can better improve the production efficiency of products, such as packaging automation intelligence, is also one of the development.At present, the increase of mar

              Function of Connector Automatic Assembly Machine

              Function of Connector Automatic Assembly Machine:(1) Automatic assembly and automatic detection of defective products.(2) It can adjust the capacity according to the need, and can make statistics on the number of finished products and real-time display of

              Effect of Automation Technology on Special Aircraft Production

              The popularity of automation equipment production in China is not very high. Facing the severe global economic pressure and high labor costs, in order to solve the development dilemma of enterprises in the new environment, the industry generally believes

              Survival of Non-standard Automation Enterprises

              Generally speaking, most small and medium-sized non-standard automation machinery enterprises are facing three challenges: capital, talent and market. To deal with this balance, non-standard automation, possible life, and possible market opportunities. So
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