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            1. Pinghu Gaoxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional non-standard automation equipment manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, sales and service.

              Pinghu Gaoxin Automation Equipment is composed of a group of energetic, innovative and professional technicians for many years. It brings together senior engineers in mechanical design, control system development, manufacturing and processing, product sales, etc. to provide customers with efficient, stable and advanced automation equipment.

              Since the establishment of the company, we have successively provided international advanced electronic and electrical automation equipment for major domestic electronics, electrical appliances, enterprises, such as automatic silver riveting machine, relay automation equipment, ship-type switch assembly machine, electrical switch automatic assembly machine, power switch foot-mounting machine, micro switch assembly machine, toggle switch assembly machine. All kinds of non-standard automation equipment, such as assembly machine, layout automatic assembly machine, HDMI automatic assembly machine and so on, solve a series of problems such as faster efficiency, better quality and lower cost in the production process of customers, and have been highly praised by many customers.

              Pinghu Gaoxin Automation Equipment will, as always, devote itself to the field of precision automation equipment by virtue of advanced technical advantages and honest and pragmatic style. Achieve higher value for customers. Preferential prices and perfect services provide you with a high-quality business platform. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guide you.

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